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Scalp is getting thin

Melle Sutton
8 years ago
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I started loking about five years ago. I notice now that the parts that were made to section each lok is getting wider and my loks seem to be getting thinner, tears and dry. I don't have a loctician in the area to help me with maintenance. I've read the discussions concerning twisting, and If this were stopped, how do you maintain the hair and locks from twisting into one large mat? Also, what is best to moisturize with? Some product causes me to itch.

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
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well all u do is seperate the dreads u never ever want to go to a loctician they will screw u bad

stop twisting

and only seperate

but the ones that are already thinning u might want to let them congo and thicken up

but as long as u stop twistingand only seperate they will be fine at least they wont be dammaged any more

jojoba oil shae butter

africas best hair oils

jojoba is best really

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