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Ryan Emmel
14 years ago
85 posts
I know that other people have posted about this before, but last night I realized how real the problem is..The hair on the sides of my head isn't really dreading. I T&Red them to encourage natural dreading at the roots, but that's not happening. The T&R fell out all the way. This is completely different behavior from the rest of my hair, which started dreading at the roots right away. I blunted the tips to lock the dreads in place until they were established, but last night I found three that had fallen out, and were almost completely straight--again, with no real dreading happening at the roots.This is week 16 for me. I have a good inch of dread growth everywhere else, but nothing is happening on the sides. If I were going the natural route, the hair would still be straight.
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
14 years ago
29,636 posts
sometimes some spots take longeer its normalnothing to worry biut it will dread someday

My new book Ban The Taboo Vol 1
14 years ago
9 posts
yeah the back left area of my head consistently unravels and becomes normal hair to date.. my theory is because i have a really strong growth pattern on my head, this area acts like a sinkhole for oils coming from my scalp.. cant think of any other reason!
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