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Diana lorenzana
10 years ago
9 posts
Is it okay to use homemade Aloe Vera gel on dreads to help them lock?
updated by @diana-lorenzana: 01/13/15 10:06:21PM
Sissy MacK
10 years ago
4 posts

I'll be interested in reading the replies to this one. I would have never considered putting aloe in my hair.

Amanda Clouse
10 years ago
53 posts

Yes, it is completely safe.

10 years ago
2 posts

i use it every other time i wash to help balance the dryness and stripping that happens also helpss my dandruff your eating the aloe as well packed with nutrients although you must strip the skin and rinse the yellowie stuff that is not good for you . clear gel its great in smoothies ..peace love and locs...

10 years ago
833 posts

Aloe is a moisturizer. It will not help them lock. It will not hurt your hair. If you are using it to help it to won't work. I would only recommend to use it occasionally to neaten up dreads for a wedding or job interview. But if your hair is just starting to knot then skip the aloe.

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