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They will not stop melding

7 years ago
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I wake up and I have to try to separate my baby dreads. I look in the mirror and on the third day of not washing, I can't even look since my hair gets tight at the top and looks like I just woke up. Not like I have dreads underneath and almost none on top, it looks pretty bad. This journey is going to be very hard for me if I have to keep doing this. My hair pulls out of the scalp very easily, and separating them leaves my scalp red. Mr. Spivey got a little done last night with olive oil and ripping, but when I woke up it was as if it did nothing. I put it up because I can't stand the way it's turning out. If I make it through this it will be a miracle. Everyday I used to have to fight my hair to stop knotting up, I couldn't wear it down without having to slather it in Shea moisture and pull it apart. I thought this would be much better but I'm still having to fight the whole thing going together. Hopefully I don't have to separate at the roots for a year because it feels like it might make me go bald. Should I wrap all my sections as close as possible to the root to stop this from happening or should I let it all stick together and be in pain from congos? I need some dread help, badly. Anyone want to come over and work on our hair? His is impenetrable. This is insane after only a month. I can't believe its going so quickly and I kind of wish it weren't so it would be easier to keep apart.
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7 years ago
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i think you answered it by saying you need to wrap each dread until they have properly tightened, then they wont congo anymore :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
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well they will always qalways need some seperation the faster they dread the more u will have to seperte..but also sooner u will get past the having to seperate constantly phase

when u seperte your not try=ing to fully get the roots seperated right only the hairs connecting them up the bodies

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7 years ago
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It will get better. If you have a problem area then wrap every other section or so and in a week or two un wrap them and wrap the others. I did this to my congo wannabes and the reason I say to unwrap and wrap a new one is because the wrap prevents a lot of progress but once they tighten a little they will stay apart much better and you wont need to separate nearly as often. Or you could use beads but they can become knotted up in the dread, cause weak (undreaded) areas, and my not stay in very well this early. Best of luck and don't give up.

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