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Is something wrong with my dreads?!

Nicki Herrick
6 years ago
27 posts
So I have very recently switched to the neglect method, thanks to this site! :) but when I originally started my dreads a lil over a year ago I had no clue what I was doing, so my source for information was unfortunately. I had my roots and ends in rubber bands for 2 months, I used there lock peppa powder, n I used a teeny tiny crochet hook for maintenance. I stopped using the lock peppa many months ago n the hook a few weeks ago. I have been playing in the ocean lately, which has helped to soften my dreads a lil bit but I feel like my dreads don't look right in the back. I feel as if my dreads r too thin. They never really thickened up or got fatter over time, n in the back I feel like I can see the sections I had when the rubberbands were in. I put some hair wraps n beads in yesterday to try and combine some, I had over 100, will my hair be ok?!?! I'm just getting anxious because now I think I can recognize the damage I was doing to my hair before and I don't want my hair to fall out!
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Baba Fats
6 years ago
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If you can see the sections in the back, that's not great. But it can be fixed. It' because of the bands and the crocheting. I've combined a few to help fix the damage I did when I palm rolled in the beginning, and it's stating to help. If you leave them alone, they will fix themselves. I'd recommend using the BS?ACV wash for a while because it'd a no touch wash and the most gentle. If the wraps you put on are tight, that will only aggravate the problem

6 years ago
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Is there any way you can attach a pic so we can see? I'm wondering if it's because of the tightness from being crocheted and so close to the scalp. Which in turn makes me wonder if new hair growth will help fill it in, then get sucked into established dreads, making them thicker.

Definitely do the baking soda wash for a while. You don't want to muss with your hair too much while it's recovering.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
28,585 posts

the crochet will make them way too thin and they will fatten up..eventualy if you just stopped crocheting you got a long wait ahead i would reconcider joining them till you know howthick they will get otr at least estimate bu=y the base size..where the roots meet the scalp

cause 2 thin dreads are each 1/3 the size so combined they will probly be 6 times the size

although at 100 they probably will be thin regardless

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long

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