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Location: Saint Louis, MO
Zipcode: 63147
Country: US


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01/19/11 02:33:58PM @tex:
Exactly why i keep asking people if mine seem to be going correctly but apparently it is so i will just continue for a few months and see what it does

01/19/11 07:15:06AM @tex:
kk lol everyone keeps telling me to leave them alone so i have. I will see what happens lol. I guess im just impatient and this will teach me how to be more patient with things i really want. My main concern was just that it seems like they didnt look like other peeps dreads and im sure thats because i started them with my hair already like at 12 inches

01/18/11 06:54:05AM @tex:
thnks for the add. May i ask what method you used to start your dreads? looks like started as 2 strand twists?

01/13/11 02:41:20PM @dreadlockedlady:

When you were a loose natural, what did you use in your hair? You could use the same "stuff" in your hair. Don't use the JML stuff. While it smells good (LOL) it won't do anything for you. Also, retwisting every two weeks is too frequent. If you must twist, drag it out a little. Twisting every two weeks will lead to breakage/thinning down the line unfortunately.

You can just separate your locs at the root. You won't have that freshly done look but you can still style your hair and have it look nice. If I can find a youtube video showing how to separate, I will forward it to you.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/13/11 02:02:44PM @soaring-eagle:
seperate them pull em apart

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/11/11 08:49:07PM @soaring-eagle:
welcome 1st off stop retwisting! the mango crap well only use it as moisture but theres better options im assumming your black right? if not then your definately on the wrong track but if u are u want to stop messing with them leave em alone use nothing do nothing just let em dreasd only use something to moisturize if u gert too dry aloe shae kokoba any of those are fine why waste monet on exopenssive stuff thats no better then anything u can grow in your garden

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