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Your dreads could save your life...

By Derek2, 2012-06-27

So...this whole thing started with myself getting a neat cool little something from stick in my hair, naturally. It doesn't weight too much, but more than your average bead...and it's on a particularly thin amount of hair as it's a braid, not a dread. I do small braids for sentimental beads that simply will not fit on a dreadlock. Anyways...

Skittering about the internet looking for information on how strong the average human hair is, I found something pretty sweet:

Hair as a Lifesaver

  • Human hair can actually guard against bullets and arrows. Although Kevlar is now used in protective vests, Dr. Frdric Leroy of the London Museum of Natural History claims that human hair is, pound for pound, about as strong as Kevlar. In April of 2009, a Missouri woman reported to My Fox News that her weave saved her life. After an attacker shot a would-be fatal bullet, the bullet bounced off of her fake hair, making a weave (or fake hair attached to human hair) essentially become a lifesaver.

I found this at...

But yeah...that site has some other pretty interesting information regarding hair and such.

Yall take care and all that kinda good stuff...

*sucks at ending these things*


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