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interlocking root flipping dreadlocks

interlocking or root flipping dreadlocks

interlocking or root flipping are the same basic thing, its done by pulling the dread through the looser roots either by hand or with a tool, in an attempt to tighten the roots further then it naturally should be tightened.

interlocking is never recommended, here is why:

when you pull the dreadlocks through the root you are weakening the dreads at that point, you will be left with split roots with the dread holding the roots apart.
in addition to the weakness you create gaps between dreads that leave exposed scalp to sunburn . tightening the dreads too tightly to the scalp can cause other issues as well, uneven pulling which can be painful a permanent braided look to the interlocked areas. and can possibly lead to breakage.

This is what healthy dreads should look like!


The how to interlock videos have been removed due to interlocking causing an epidemic of traction alopecia and balding.


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dreadlock congo bongo i
06/15/20 10:02:20PM @dreadlock-congo-bongo-i:

I am new to the site, hope you see this. I've been interlocking and I want to stop. I can't find resources about dealing with the transition to freeform. I have thick hair and I ask my girlfriend to check for thinning but the only real way to prevent long term damage is to STOP interlocking.

Please help me.

Cargo Chick
12/06/11 04:17:18PM @cargo-chick:

i had my greads done at a salon didnt know much about root flipping but this is wat they did to me they have come all undone but know ian nervuos that i will have problems i really dont know how they came undone but they did i only went there once an never went back my skin from my head was actually being pulled into the knot do you think my dreads will be ok??i dont do antthing to them i do palmroll after i wash an thats about it an sometimes i rubb my roots is this ok to do??thankyou!

04/23/11 11:35:28AM @lewis:
my friend had his dreads tidied in Jamaica an this is what the did to his hair. now he is stuck with loads of hard lumps and bumps that he cant remove

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/25/10 03:18:31AM @soaring-eagle:
anything that forces an artificial tightness at the roots is not a smart thing to do

Alisha K-R
12/25/10 03:00:56AM @indie:
I wish I would have known this a month ago! My friend said her friend from college did this to tighten the roots. I used to have rubber bands on them too. I now know that they are not for me. I don't care about tight roots!

Jennifer Schildknecht
02/07/10 10:36:48AM @hanna:
yeah i did that too but the hat started to get old and stanky and I felt like i couldnt go out with out it on but I met a chick and she was playing in them and she put them in this crazy pony tail on top of my head and said it was sexy iv been rockin it like that ever since

Sebastian Martinez
01/05/10 06:02:24PM @lachey-bethel:
i never knew there was so many things people were doing to there hair...i just put on a worked for me.

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