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free dread kit

ok so we promised you a free dread kit so here it is

no order forms needed everything you need is right in your home or easily found or can be purchased very cheaply
there is no need to spend huge amounts of money buying dread kits

what a home made dread kit contans

minimal kit

a watch yup..time thats all

the super delux i dont got no time to waste kit

a flea comb from the pet store
a pinch or 2 of sea salt
an aloe plant
your own 2 hands

the best dreadkits don't come in a box, but from living outside of the box

the dreadkits sold by so called dread companies are full of harmful or useless products, they sell lies about dreads and complicated methods then insist theyre products make it easier to dread. the truth is theyre products and dreadkits create dreads that are destined to be cut. wax causes mold and the dreads are sticky stiff and gross. everything you will ever need to grow amazing dreads you already have the truth of dreads is just a click away dread forums complete information on all things dready

click that link for all the info you will ever need to grow beautiful dreadlocks that last a lifetime

(warning that page is long and covers every lie and truth)

Those who used the dread kit in the past tend to call themselves victims, not customers. Now there is a new group Dreadkit victims united . Jon the fight against dread abuse and the scammy sites that take advantage of the misinformed newbies.

you may want to just explore the forums , or the entire site

kaitlyn jones
06/07/13 09:13:35AM @kaitlyn-jones:

my kit only had my two hands and LOTS of twisting and ripping. :D

Robin Beth
04/04/13 10:04:44AM @robin-beth:

That is soo dope my first time aroung haveing dreads they shruk up to half the size of my undreaded hairs but yes this photo is dope!! love it i am very inspired!(;

P Ayh (Mr. March)
03/03/13 06:53:58PM @p-ayh-mr-march:

oh yeah id say theyre more than long enough. no wonder he wants dreads hanging out with surfers and everything haha, i wish id had some good dready rolemodels when i was his age. mine would be so much longer and cooler by now

02/19/13 08:14:31PM @brenna:

Normally, I'd say wait. Kids don't develop the cognitive ability to make those kinds of decisions until they are about 10. But 8 is pretty close, and from the limited description you gave us of him, I'd say he's probably ready.

How were you planning on helping him get started? Completely natural or with a little help from TnR? Is he prepared to accept that he won't have mature locks for about another full year? Yes, that's how long it'll take. If he wants locks that bad, I'm sure he won't want to damage them by trying to speed up the process

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/19/13 08:11:15PM @soaring-eagle:

yes its long enough but how are u going to start

02/19/13 08:03:40PM @milda:

I am 47 years old and have an 8 year old son who wants dreads more than he wants to breath. He is homeschooled and a competative skimboarder and surfer, and basically lives in the ocean, summer and winter. We have let his hair grow long and it is about 3 inches longer than his shoulders. Is his hair long enough at this point to begin his dreads? I'm catching flack from everyone about doing this, but hey, he's my son, and it's his hair/head. I want him to be happy. I would like to go ahead and get his hair started as soon as possible, so people will quit trying to convince me that I should not allow it! I often wonder how they would feel if I was giving them advice on raising their children.

Ezra Hedden
09/25/12 08:48:46PM @ezra-hedden:

Today is the day I start my journey to natural dreads

Nehwon Norkeh
03/23/12 02:52:12AM @nehwon-norkeh:

then i'm earning the hell outta these stubborn suckas :)

but yes once they do blossom it will be soooo worth it!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/23/12 02:37:09AM @soaring-eagle:

well said in fact the slower the journey the more you feel you earned them and the deeper the meaning they have

03/23/12 02:35:26AM @beijaflor:

The Old Dude's dreads are awesome!

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