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dreading methods

there are many ways to make dreadlocks and one way to grow dreads . natural dreads form on over time without much effort. there are newer methods to create dreads, these all have advantages and disadvantages.

dreading methods include:

natural/neglect - just stop combing

twist and rip -twist hair separate pull repeat

backcomb -comb the hair backwards towards the scalp

twist and neglect -great for african hair just twist then let it do its thing

crochet -use a crochet hook to weave hairs together

dread perm -use harsh chemicals to change the hair texture

salon dreads -pay someone else to mess up your head

johnny clean method instant dreads premature dread death

felting dreads complete and utter destruction of every hair in order to create instant dreads this method is being recommended by dreadheadhq to "fix dreads" using the "dread docta" which is just a felting needle.
african american dreading guide
for more info on all these dreading methods and more see the dread methods section of the forums

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/26/14 12:23:49AM @soaring-eagle:

the absolute best way to dread is just let it dread its that easy but tnr is an option thats gentle too

06/26/14 12:18:34AM @donna2:

Hi. I've wanted dreads for years but kept dying my hair and cutting it off. Now I finally have about 6in - 8in of growth and I want to start but I want them done without harsh chemicals and waxes. I was wondering if anyone had any tips and pointers and also which method would be best for my hair. I'm mixed so I have thin/fine, soft, curly hair.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/05/14 08:14:24PM @soaring-eagle:

no it wont some have said wool even hurt the process but m,ost say it helps but the softness of the pillowcase shouldnt matter

Hanna Pritchett
05/05/14 07:54:50PM @hanna-pritchett:

Someone told me that a wool pillowcase may help baby dreads. My pillowcase now is really soft, would it possibly slow down my progress?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/05/13 06:09:50PM @soaring-eagle:

elipsen just leave em

britany may if u crochet every day they will be completely destroyed in a month

Lu E
09/10/13 09:52:02AM @lu-e:

Just joined, I've got mostly backcombed and a couple of t n r after the dread fell out. They are very new and massively fuzzy atm, wondering best method of neatening them up and getting them to lock nicely without ruining them

Timothy Pate
07/27/13 02:35:04PM @timothy-pate:

Just starting out......what methode should I do with super curly and freezy hair with it's 3 inches long?

Yannic Bechtold
03/06/13 01:00:28PM @yannic-bechtold:

Yannic Bechtold
03/06/13 12:59:02PM @yannic-bechtold:

I tried backcombing and wax reluctantly, then I tried t'n'r, but I crocheted them because they looked way too wild for me. After realizing none of that works for me, I'm now trying natural. I'm about 2 months in (I haven't really kept count) My hair is really curly and thick so I figure my dreads would rock if they ever come together. I have a question though: does it look like it's at least beginning to dread?

Sara Bacon
01/24/13 03:04:57PM @sara-bacon:
I've wanted dreads for a while and I've finally decided that I'm going to get them. I was thinking about going to a saloon but now that I've done some research I see that's not the best idea...I've tried the neglect method but only one layer of my hair seems to do anything. I do have somewhat thin hair and I'd like to have smaller sized dreads. Any recommendations? Also another factor I am doing this completely by myself..any advice would be great so I can get started!

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