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My Labels

user image 2009-10-24
By: Dirty Momma Funk
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Human, woman, white, hippie, gypsy, Rainbow, Rennie, Dirty Momma Funk Snuffapuffafukalotagus, Libertarian, Liberal, Gun Owner, Soulmate, Daughter, Mother, God-Mother, Sister, Cousin, friend, artist, home owner, General Manager, ex-girlfriend, future girlfriend, musician, citizen, constitutionalist, singer, poet, trash, legend, environmentalist, blogger, pedestrian, fortunate, clown, comedian, naturalist, humanist, deist, teacher, student, Christian, pagan, Buddhist, guru, trill seeker, adventurer, home body, Rainbo Hammock Tribe member, bitch, lover, counsel, counseled, free spirit, sinner, saint, diva, nudist, genius, idiot, educated, uneducated, beatnic, smoker, employee, employer, boss, maid, hostess, dancer, spinner, spunion, patriot, dyslexic, writer, reader, philosopher, exhibitionist, dreadie, victim, predator, rapper, traveler, passenger, sweetheart, do-it-herselfer, seamstress, personal assistant, finder of lost things, business professional, procrastinator........will add more later.I am each of these things to at least one or more persons.If anyone can add a label or give this whole thing a one word name...please feel free to do so.
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/24/09 05:01:13PM @soaring-eagle:
beauty inspiration goddess sweetheart friend true warrior strong shaman delight ..more

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