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Dirty Momma Funk


Location: Ocala, FL
Zipcode: 34470
Country: US


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The Great Spirit Prayer

By Dirty Momma Funk, 2010-04-12

Great Spirit Prayer"Oh, Great Spirit, whose voice I hear in the wind,Whose breath gives life to all the world.Hear me; I need your strength and wisdom.Let me walk in beauty, and make my eyes ever behold the red and purple sunset.Make my hands respect the things you have made and my ears sharp to hear your voiceMake me wise so that I may understand the things you have taught my people.Help me to remain calm and strong in the face of all that comes towards me.Let me learn the lessons you have hidden in every leaf and rock.Help me seek pure thoughts and act with the intention of helping others.Help me find compassion without empathy overwhelming me.I seek strength, not to be greater than my brother, but to fight my greatest enemyMyself.Make me always ready to come to you with clean hands and straight eyes.So when life fades, as the fading sunset, my spirit may come to you without shame.

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Dirty In The Wind

By Dirty Momma Funk, 2010-04-12
Tittering on the edge of what has been and what will be.What I have seen and what Im going to see.One moment is up and the next is down,Sad about what has past and ecstatic about whats coming around.This transition is just a phase,These emotions are just a maze.History left me dazed,Potential making me amazed.You can hear me laugh while I cryYou can hear me welcome today while I say good-bye.You can see me smile while I defyYou can see me frown while I fly.Im ready to bring it all to an end,Im ready to start all over again,There is nothing left to fight, lose, or defend,This time my back is to the wind.
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Second Best

By Dirty Momma Funk, 2009-10-28
Sometimes I feel like I am the honorable mention,I am the nothing better to do,I am the rut youre stuck in,Just a temporary fix to you.Tried of feeling second class to the one that got away,Tried of feeling the best has passed, so with me you might as well stay.I am not made to be the center of the world, just the center to one.The communion I seek in life cannot be altered, changed, or undone.I think how can I feel safe?I wonder how I can be convinced?What can be the success rate of someone riding the fence?Sometimes I feel like I am the plan B,I am the nothing better to do,I am the rut youre stuck in,The might as well to you.
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My Labels

By Dirty Momma Funk, 2009-10-24
Human, woman, white, hippie, gypsy, Rainbow, Rennie, Dirty Momma Funk Snuffapuffafukalotagus, Libertarian, Liberal, Gun Owner, Soulmate, Daughter, Mother, God-Mother, Sister, Cousin, friend, artist, home owner, General Manager, ex-girlfriend, future girlfriend, musician, citizen, constitutionalist, singer, poet, trash, legend, environmentalist, blogger, pedestrian, fortunate, clown, comedian, naturalist, humanist, deist, teacher, student, Christian, pagan, Buddhist, guru, trill seeker, adventurer, home body, Rainbo Hammock Tribe member, bitch, lover, counsel, counseled, free spirit, sinner, saint, diva, nudist, genius, idiot, educated, uneducated, beatnic, smoker, employee, employer, boss, maid, hostess, dancer, spinner, spunion, patriot, dyslexic, writer, reader, philosopher, exhibitionist, dreadie, victim, predator, rapper, traveler, passenger, sweetheart, do-it-herselfer, seamstress, personal assistant, finder of lost things, business professional, procrastinator........will add more later.I am each of these things to at least one or more persons.If anyone can add a label or give this whole thing a one word name...please feel free to do so.
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Carnel Confessions

By Dirty Momma Funk, 2009-10-24
In masturbation my thoughts are lost,Jumping from scenes to seen,Sexuality streams from my mind,Altering from fantasies to heartaches and broken dreams.But I must digress,It is really sheer loneliness that I must confess.Each nocturnal session,Is plagued by more than just an erection.Sub-conscious mists of love and trust,Keeps driving me to overcome the call of meaningless lust.I reach deep into myself,While fighting off my spirits pain,The tears of my eyes and fountain of my pleasure,Both flow from my body like rain.To the souls that hold my psyche at night,With each touch I soar and my passion takes fight,Only to be ripped from my body with each morning light,Reminding me of love that has been torn from my sight.My spirit is not ready,But my body is over due,I set adrift the old sexual habits,To let in a reality that is more scared and true.I run from your connection,Still craving to see my reflection,In your body and your eyes.But it is for both of our protections,That I narrow my selections,To the ones that I will not wake-up and despise.What I have to give,Is all that I have ever lived.What I need to take,A respect that is not fake,A swim in your lake,And the unconditional love that we make.It's like a convulsion of my words,A passion that I must purge,A whisper that I groan,An unknown name my lips want to moan.It is in the cortex,That I am lost in this vortex,Of flashing pictures of erotic beams,Trying to catch my breath,It is nothing less than trying to find a way to scream.It is an admission of my ghost,That features my body as the host,In a war between my heart and mind.Suspended on the coast,Next to the ocean of the dosed,Not quite sure what I am trying to find.If I do what I always did,I'll get what I always got,It is a story that is deeply hid,It's time to change that broken plot.No longer will I seek what I sought,The fall into the sequel has to be fought,Turning down the fire that rages so hot,The mindless desire that has cast this lot.I was warned about the S.T.D.'s,The high price of the carnal fees,The turning tides of the sexual seas,The potential danger of the girl on her knees.They gave me a condom for my open legs,But there is an infection passed on by more than just semen,Where is the prophylactic for my open mind,Something to stop the S.T.Demon.Valuing myself at higher than zeroBecoming my own self-imposed hero,Keeping each suitor at bay,Discarding the idea let come what may,Waiting patently so that I might sail away,Staying in isolation until my completion day.It is a crushing load that I carryConfident that my state is temporary,Knowing that it is not until death,It is really and truly,The deep dark loneliness that I must confess.
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Human Doing

By Dirty Momma Funk, 2009-10-24
I am starting to show signs or fracture,While I sit waiting for my sister's rapture.Channeling so much light for so long,Holding it all together,Time letting the cancer do it's wrong,Praying for the suffering to end forever.I love being with her and I want to be near,I want to show her pure love and absorb her fear.Trying to stay high while the gravity gets me down,Smiling and laughing each time I twist and turn around.Then there's the whimpers and the moans of pain,Offering her doses of companionship, liquid comfort, and barely staying sane.She shouldn't have to pass in a house of death and sorrow,Even when her hours are numbered,And the tumors have taken her tomorrows.She must have a home of love and joy,Filled with her chosen family, friends, and her boys.Quick Jah, I need some super glue for my soul,Please Gaia, help stop the growth of this black hole.Krishna, I call you to help me through another day,Jesus, I need you to help me find my way.Shiva, step in and get me through one more night,Ganesh, see me through to shine more light.Jehovah, I call on you to dwell here,Om, help harmonize me with the ones so dear.Wonka Tonka, I call on you to send my spirit guide,Allah, in your peace I do confide.Buddha, posses this human being,And if I lose it, God, please stop the other mortals from seeing.
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All I Know

By Dirty Momma Funk, 2009-10-24
Many ask me to guide,In peace they believe I reside,My deepest truth to you I will confide,This is the only real advice I have inside.Remove the veil from your eyes,Give up the common daily lies,Don't judge or grow to despise,Don't create your own demise.Find your true strength from within,To not cherish you is a sin,You have made and will make mistakes again,To not try, is a guarantee to not win.Open your heart and open your mind,Be gentle, forgiving, and kind,Look for good and that's what you will find,Look for wrong and your story will only rewind.Let the last thought you think before sleep,Help grow the harvest you want to keep,Plant the love you want to reap,Tended to it often so that it may grow deep.Let the first thought you think when you wake,Be of a purity that you cannot fake,Give the love that you want to take,Be the friend that you want to make.
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Word Rules

By Dirty Momma Funk, 2009-10-24
Words flow, go, change, and grow,An expression that in the end,Lets you feel someone from the outside in.These words have rules,As some will try to say,Twist them, turn them, and flip them each and everyday,Outside of the regulations the feeling still stays.Let your ink fly like fire,Let each page of failure and success take you higher,Transforming your thoughts and your hearts desire,Use the perversion of the guidelines to inspire.
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