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All I Know

By: Dirty Momma Funk
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Many ask me to guide,In peace they believe I reside,My deepest truth to you I will confide,This is the only real advice I have inside.Remove the veil from your eyes,Give up the common daily lies,Don't judge or grow to despise,Don't create your own demise.Find your true strength from within,To not cherish you is a sin,You have made and will make mistakes again,To not try, is a guarantee to not win.Open your heart and open your mind,Be gentle, forgiving, and kind,Look for good and that's what you will find,Look for wrong and your story will only rewind.Let the last thought you think before sleep,Help grow the harvest you want to keep,Plant the love you want to reap,Tended to it often so that it may grow deep.Let the first thought you think when you wake,Be of a purity that you cannot fake,Give the love that you want to take,Be the friend that you want to make.
Lonnie Berg
10/24/09 07:56:18PM @lonnie-berg:
To me, the last line says it all. Thank you momma for the Light. namaste'

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