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Dillon N


Location: Bucyrus, OH
Zipcode: 44820
Country: US

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What I've learned in three months...

By Dillon N, 2011-10-04

I've learned a lot about myself from doing dreadlocks. It's taught me about strength and courage, that I am " a lion", and most importantly how to observe growth and change in something that is quite literally very close to me. I've been told many things about my hair and my choice since that July afternoon, some good some bad. People have judged and yet I refuse to be brought down by negative comments even by aunts cousins etc... , But for every one person who dislikes my choice three step up and complement it and encourage me. I've picked up some interesting nicknames and been asked some very unorthadox if not odd questions. Everyday I have my locks is another day I grow with them. I nuture, wash, and even sometimes use them as a cushion in bed. They are very special to me and I have enjoyed them wholeheartedly. It will be three months since I've started my journey in seven days. I'm not totally sure how to end a blog so ....

With love and peace,

Dillon :)

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