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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Palmdale, CA
Zipcode: 93551
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/22/11 09:53:10PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome twistings a ok method for starting african haior but would not ever retwist them it can cause severe permenant harm your off to a fine start now just wash em and seoperate em and do nothing else at all

Abbigail Johnstone
11/25/10 10:09:32AM @carlos-zarate:
bro i'm from penang and i wanna get dreads done and there any places u can recommend or can you do it....plas e-mail me the details at bro

Adrian Keenan
08/06/10 04:06:52PM @fanci-taylor:
Yeah I mean I guess I could teach you, but I mean, your dreads are already pretty much there, I'd just say stop crocheting and leave them alone :)they may get really fuzzy, but they'll start to loc up, and then one day you'll just have awesome dreads that you don't need to do anything to.

Adrian Keenan
07/28/10 02:20:47PM @fanci-taylor:
ya, if you've ever read around and seen the stuff here on crochet, it breaks more hairs then it puts back, making you always have to constantly be fixing them, when dreads are supposed to be low maintenance.I used the twist and rip method.

Adrian Keenan
07/27/10 12:51:09AM @fanci-taylor:
No, never been.And I don't mean to be a downer, but you probably should stop crocheting XD

Connie Smith
07/26/10 07:00:32PM @andrew-shirley:
Duude I'd love to hit up Malaysia.. That's not in the cards rite now tho. U got any tips that mite make it easier or quicker?

Connie Smith
07/26/10 09:57:23AM @andrew-shirley:
yaa i crocheted too. like 3 different times.. but it nvr stays. im pretty upset about all this cuz i just dnt see how it could possibly go bak to looking as good as it did without help.

Connie Smith
07/25/10 09:18:14PM @andrew-shirley:
Yo man.. U crochet n they just stay like that?

07/24/10 08:43:56AM @butterfly-mumma:
smekom....i dr subang kt sg petani.....nk tnya rambut i br buat,accessories utk rambut ni area penang nk beli kat mana ek???????

Adrian Keenan
07/24/10 01:37:14AM @fanci-taylor:
oh, and I'm from southern california.

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