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"@soaringeagle: Thankyou! I will post a recent photo as soon as I can take one of what I currently have going on now. In my photo, i was wearing festival syn..."
@dawntreader62 • last year • comments: 0
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"I have 53 medium size dreads about 6-7 inches long now. I regularly palm roll and I condition once a month. All my dreads have brightly coloured beads in..."


01/09/17 01:28:04AM @dawntreader62:

@soaringeagle: Thankyou! I will post a recent photo as soon as I can take one of what I currently have going on now. In my photo, i was wearing festival syn dreads woven in my starter dreads for fun during the unruly stage of locking~

As to palm rolling, this is the first site in a plethora of sites that I have visited that says palm rolling is ineffective and damaging. Whether it was instrumental in the forming and locking of my dreads, I guess I will never know but it did make me feel that I was doing what I needed to do to help them form. This site has given my food for thought and while I only palm roll 4x a month, I am going to give it a rest for the winter and see how they do left alone~

I was not excited about using wax the first time and thought i was using very little. My dreads felt yucky and after my first wash, all but 12 dreads came undone, so I was determined to redo them without.

I read your other comment about professionalism and maintained dreads and I am not sure how the data was collected that you state but I will say MY work experience in the five-star work/spa industry and my positions in management were strictly regulated in regards to appearance and even very polished dreads were not allowed and natural/neglect dreads would NEVER be allowed. I was forced to hide my hair or quit my job...

I no longer work in those environments since recently moving to Colorado. I respect your opinion on your experience however, in the beginning stages of dreading when hair is most unruly, it has been MY experience that it gives employers a negative impression.  Like tattoos, dreads cause an immediate and reactive impression with most people and I have experienced my fair share of discrimination for both in my journey.  Now, and maybe it is because i moved to a more forward thinking area of the country, I find less negativity and more acceptance. I do know I have changed many peoples perceptions  because they have told me so and why.

Thanks for the welcome and I will be reading as my time allows :-)


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/08/17 04:32:46PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome but why palm roll it does literally nothing (except cause harm)

but good thing you learned the wax lesson in just 1 go some go through 3-5 sets before realizing wax is bad (used to be the case anyway)

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