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Little Wing

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Justin Roundy
09/04/12 12:54:43PM @justin-roundy:


I would love a few of your dreadlock beads if you have any left, accept my friend request and/or message me and I can tell you my address :) I can paypal you money if you have that.

Thanks for doing this for people


Blair Joseph Ripperger
10/11/11 08:45:03PM @blair-joseph-ripperger:

Duuuuuuuude!!! if u actually have any dread beads left ill take 10. message me back if will give u addressing info. Lol the post was like 2 years old though.

04/10/10 02:32:36PM @windy:
same thing if yur still offering id like some hit me up

02/12/10 02:36:02AM @lowryderman:
If you're still offering those beads to people I'd like some. Unfortunately I'm extremely broke and have no stamps but if you're still offering them, hit me up.PeaceP.S. I really like Rasta colored stuff

02/12/10 01:49:46AM @albert:
Dude I would also love some beads if you still have any. Message me with some details when you get the chance.

10/28/09 08:38:08PM @knottykonner:
Hey man I would also love some beads!Just hit me up!:)Peace Brah

10/19/09 02:26:40AM @diamondskies:
Hi Daniel!! I would Love a couple of your beads as well!! I LOVE Purple and Green!! If you happen to have a couple extra in those colors!! My addy is 77 Dale Ave. Red Bluff, CA, 96080 and I can send you a couple stamps as well!! Let me know where to send them to, or if you send me some beads I can just send the stamps after for the next ones you send out. If you like tea I can also send you some loose blends from my garden!! Love to barter!! Love and Light!!

10/15/09 05:49:20PM @boobie:
hey : Di would love some beadsif you need i can try and get you stamps toojust hit me back when you get the chance.-peace-

abraham vazquez
10/11/09 11:56:18PM @abraham-vazquez:
hey im interested in getting some beads!!:)love and peace

Karma Jane
10/07/09 02:15:42PM @karma-jane:
I live in Fredericksburg! :)

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