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Soap making?

By: Coloursnrainbows
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So I want to try to make some soap either bar soap or liquid. Maybe both. But I can't seem to understand why lye is needed. I know there needs to be a chemical reaction for something. But I just really want a simple recipe for all natural soap. Without using lye. It honestly scares me. Anyone got any ideas!?
Castaway J
12/19/12 11:35:45PM @castaway-j:

yeah ive only made my own detergents, and thats only using powders, and yeah shaved bar soap haha this is however interesting

12/19/12 08:22:08PM @coloursnrainbows:
Oh yes I have been reading it does sound like a very artful process. I will give myself time and more reading and learning before I actually decide to

12/19/12 06:45:18PM @mons:
I know right, it's kinda frustrating! ^^^ up there, that 'pure are soap' Was supposed to be 'premade soap' lol

12/19/12 06:40:30PM @coloursnrainbows:
Oh wow. Thanks for looking. I may get guts to work with lye maybe in the summer so I can be outside. But I may just try the liquid soap from a bar. It's so sad that lye HAS to be used. Oh well

12/19/12 06:08:39PM @mons:
Glycerin can be bought as a base at craft stores but apparently has a 3 or so shelf life. I did not know that lol. Anyway it can be bought in liquid or solid, then add whatever color/scent you want. Now quite what I'm looking for tho.From what I'm gathering to only way to not use actual lye is to get you (our) hands on pure are soap, grate it, melt it blah blah blah. The lye is already taken care of so you (we) don't have to handle the stuff.I would personally like to make the stuff from scratch. So I may just have to bite the proverbial bullet and deal. Humph.

12/19/12 06:02:48PM @coloursnrainbows:
Ahhhh!!! Such a harsh thing in its form. :(

12/19/12 05:51:40PM @mons:
From what I just read, it's the chemical reaction between water and lye that actually makes the soap. I'll keep reading. lol

12/19/12 05:36:40PM @coloursnrainbows:
Yeah. I looked up some liquid but the best I have found without using lye myself is to get a bar of soap and grate it and then put it in a gallon of distiller water and let it set for 24 hours... Soo. But let me know what your search finds. But I guess that liquid way is ohk I guess you could just get unscented and add your extra oils and fragrances.

12/19/12 05:26:41PM @mons:
I'm running into the same thing. I really don't want to use lye. I haven't looked too deep into vegan or glycerin soaps yet so I don't know if lye is used in them. I did find a recipe somewhere for liquid that doesn't require it, I just can't remember where.

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