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By christof, 2010-12-21

i wanted to know what everyone washes their dreads with. that way everyone can look at this and get ideas. give a little detail on howyou wash them and how the outcome is! i use dial anti bacterial bar soap normally and dawn dish soap for removing DREAD MUD (dread wax).

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beanies good or bad??

By christof, 2010-12-20

i heard that dread beanies or tams acually help your dreads knot up. but wouldnt it slow down the process, because its freezing your hair in place? hair needs to move around to knot doesnt it??

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i know people have told me how to take wax out, but, has anyone started the neglect method after they washed that crap out?? i just want to talk to someone thats done wax and recovered!! i wanted to see if their dreads came out amazing!!!..............or shitty still.

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I notice that my dreadlocks that are blond, are really dry and fried from the bleach! i also had wax in my dreads for a while and ive been washing it all out the best i can. everytime i wash, it feels more brittle. ive tried the apple cider vinegar rince but i didnt see any wax come out at all! i tried dawn dish soap and that stuff is awesome! lots of wax came out!

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ive been growing dreads the wrong way for 4 years.......with wax! i washed the hell out of my dreads with vinegar and lots of soap! finally, i got it all clean! is there any way that my dreads will start dreading naturally now on? or is it too late?

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