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user image 2013-06-13
By: ChildrenAtMidnight
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So I'm up to about 25 dreads now. I've been casually adding them in with the t&r method whenever my hair has started to clump together in the back.

Tonight, I'll be giving the baking soda wash a try for the first time. Prior to this, I've just been using theneutrogena anti-residue shampoo to get all the extra crap out of my hair. I'm pretty excited to give this a try, as is my scalp.

06/14/13 01:13:15AM @childrenatmidnight:

My larger dreads are already a bit lose at the bottom and top. I made sure to leave a little extra space at the top to prevent them from being too tight against the scalp. Surprisingly enough, my dreads are holding together pretty well otherwise but I'm prepared for all the changes. :)

As for the neutrogena shampoo, it surprisingly made my scalp feel extremely refreshed and clean. I have really bad dandruff problems but I'm going to assume it was due to the shampoos I'd been using previously. The neutrogena cleared all of that out so my scalp is much happier since then. Idefinitelycan tell how harsh it is though and have only used it twice.

For my baking soda mix, I did exactly waht you suggested with the measurements for the baking soda and tea tree oil but unfortunately, I didn't have any lavender. I also added a teaspoon of lemon juice.

I will have to go out and buy some apple cider vinegar tomorrow. That was the one thing I forgot to pick up. :(

Thanks for all the help! It's been extremely useful.

the Barrellady
06/14/13 12:07:26AM @the-barrellady:

Hi Jenn. When putting in your T&R, make sure you do not do them tightly. Also, instead of going Twist Rip, Twist Rip, etc....go Twist Rip Rip Rip, Twist Rip Rip Rip, Twist..etc. Don't be surprise when they fall out or loosen, it is a necessary step in order for them to mature, loop, shrink.

Neutrogena Anti Residue shampoo should only be used 3-4 times a year due to its harshness. Don't be surprised if it makes your scalp itchy & dry.

When using the baking soda wash, unless you have a very oily scalp,make sure to follow it with an apple cider vinegar rise to balance the hair PH (1-2 capfuls of ACV to 5 cups water) pour over head and rinse out within one minute. I used this for my entire first year, it works fantastic to keep the scalp clean

enjoy your journey.....peace

Oh yeah, finish off your dread washing with a cold head rinse, as cold as you can take. This helps prevent scalp itch and dandruff, feels refreshing too.

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