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dreadlocks shampoo
Charlene Dengle


Location: Elmira, NY
Zipcode: 14904
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/11/11 05:41:36PM @soaring-eagle:

u see how stiff and damaged they are becoming from the crochet? u got to stop that! the more u damage the more u have toi fix which causes more damage till they are so weak they break plesase dont crochet your dreads away let them be let them heal and recover

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/11/11 05:27:36PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome but crocherts a very very bad idea if u crochet the hell oy=ut of them they will end up on the floor! crochets extreme destruction

Andrew Bet
12/03/10 08:08:48PM @devon:
I love you my beautiful mama! Can't wait till I'm in your arms again!

Andrew Bet
10/31/10 06:33:29PM @devon:
I think I may be in love with you Mama! Hope to see you in a few days!

Andrew Bet
08/25/10 10:31:51PM @devon:
Yer welcome!

Andrew Bet
08/25/10 09:39:40AM @devon:

Andrew Bet
08/22/10 10:19:16AM @devon:
That would be great! I could probably just give ya some scraps. I have some. Some maybe too small. I can't use em though. Haven't perfected the exact cut to get the most of me buckskin. Work in progress. Haha. Think I stayed up too late last night! Whew! Grateful Groove was spectacular!!!!! (Dead tribute band) Hope you day is going awesome like! That's pretty cool you have a repeat customer! I think what you do is just amazing!

Andrew Bet
08/21/10 11:49:17AM @devon:
How big of scraps are ya talking? I have tiny pieces. You look really happy in your picture. I am not a vegetarian. For the last month I was eating veggie but went back. I think I'll eat more veggies now though. Definitely a good thing.

Andrew Bet
08/20/10 11:37:06AM @devon:
Thank you! They're done with Buckskin. From my grandpas deer from years ago. I have made better ones but don't have pics. They usually have 3 stones instead of one. Just made one with 2 Tiger's Eyes and 1 really nice Rose Quartz piece. I'd like to see your bead work. I dig your pic on here and the other site. When ya gonna put a pic of you on here? LOL!

Andrew Bet
08/19/10 11:29:11PM @devon:
Glad ya found us! Guess you read my e-mail. Lol!

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