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Castaway J


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Separating Extremely Congod Dreadlocks Tutorial..Maybe

Duration: 00:03:36
Quick video to show how to separate congod dreads, some can be taken apart easily with minimal damage, try not to use anything but your fingers to separate l...
Baba Fats
03/21/13 07:24:14AM @baba-fats:

Hey, I didn't realize someone else made a video on separating. It's good for everyone to see both of ours. Thanks

03/06/13 07:08:57PM @amethyst777:

Love all your loops and stuff! Mine is looping like crazy too! :) I'm working on one that I think is actually 3 dreads. It's driving me crazy....

03/06/13 07:04:27PM @jazzymomma:

sweet wasnt listening to wat was goin on lol haha handsome hhaha too funny

Castaway J
01/15/13 08:01:38PM @castaway-j:

alright, ive almost got this puppy separated. i think after the next wash tomorrow when wet ill do a video and hopefully separate it in that. followed up as they heal :)

Castaway J
01/12/13 09:46:55PM @castaway-j:

hey Heather :) thanks for the reply! yes lol i am not interested in hurting my self :X i tried separating one behind my ear and slipped i heard a chunk of scalp rip our :X:X not cool haha sure felt that way anyway. thats why im more gentle haha had to learn the hard way as always :) im also leaving many congos alone you can see some in the vid. but this one, takes up almost the entirety of my temple (which i think is real rad btw) but to large haha.

i feel like because i was considering combing it out, it would rather be separated instead.

01/12/13 09:03:30PM @heather:

good luck. i separated two of my dreads last summer. hurt like hell. i wouldn't have even bothered if they weren't pulling so badly. i have some big congos in the back but i'm leaving them. they're actually my favorites:)

01/12/13 08:04:45PM @tim5:

Haha, yeah, I wouldn't really recommend congos as big as that one, but, its no big deal really, I've seen lots bigger. It's beautiful, the way our dreads are is perfect for each of us. Peace brother.

Castaway J
01/12/13 07:56:04PM @castaway-j:

Thank you Starseed!

Castaway J
01/12/13 07:55:44PM @castaway-j:

no Tim, i am not sure. but it is the largest one on my head lol its proly coming apart. and ive seen that monster you used to have too :D

01/12/13 07:01:57PM @tim5:

Those bad boys will show you what do to. You are exactly right. I have larger dreads than that, and have before. I now know how to care for the larger ones. Are you thinking about keeping that one, or are you sure you will split it?

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