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user image 2012-11-01
By: Castaway J
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since that this is really the only blog that i have..ever kept. why not.. .blog. man this last year...has been interesting looking back, you know how in the moment its boring know its awesome to think that this last year dreading, my dreads have been veryimmature! ive read that dreadding naturally it is always forward progress. i think this to be true in more ways than just intended. i myself have been very immature. in more ways than i can care to count...sin what is it when you look at things coming your way as a test? do you give in or no to temptation? hmm if your one to learn from experience and lessons learned, not mistakes, then you understand.

ONE of the reasons i wanted to take the time today and write this blog is because of ideas and considerations i been kicking around the ol noggin for weeks now. i want to move, get out, get away, leave, start over, sever all ties...though that may never happen its still something ive been dreaming about for soooooo long now................before i dig deeper into that lets recap some of this last year.

last spring early summer i got to go do some real hiking and exploring, for about a month (i wish i had six to do the whole thing) i hiked a portion of theAppalachianTrail, or the AT. This experience opened my eyes further than ever befor, taught me a lot, and made me yearn to do MORE things for myself...not just for myself, but to listen to what my hearts telling me. (i want to say that thinking with ones heart is not the same as in the head)........for years "need to get out of here." has frequented my processes..i think its similar to people who move to a new city often, like you just have this itch in your bones telling you to MOVE. anyway..ive traveled everywhere in the lower 48s, everywhere, my favorite parts are the north west, washington and oregon or maybe even norcal, and the rockies. anywhere from montana (or north if i had passport) to northern new mexico its all amazing(even passt that..). driving cross country for a couple years thinking about this "move" ive narrowed it down to these general areas.

this idea..has resurfaced every day these last few wweeks because all i see in my future is a lot of the just ready to move one and progress, just like my dreads are showing me they are. im assuming my mind will remain to be boggled by this mystery of ironic timing..theres more to say..but i can just hit the add post button once more :)

take care and love to all!

11/04/12 05:24:42PM @mons:

I live in Washington. You're all welcome here!

Star Gryphon
11/04/12 05:11:04PM @star-gryphon:

well..sometimes you have to bash them open

Castaway J
11/02/12 10:51:56AM @castaway-j:

i want a metephorical axe sometimes to sever them lol and thats exactly what ive slowly been coming to realize.

Felicia Montes
11/02/12 04:30:47AM @felicia-montes:
Doing what makes your heart sing is what life is all about, I have gypsy tendancies and love mee places. I lived in Washington for 12 yrs and it is still my favorite place. So close to Canada which is amazing to explore. I am now in So Cal and hate it...wanting to head north again soon. I hope you get on with your travels soon...ties are binding.

Star Gryphon
11/02/12 01:49:54AM @star-gryphon:

It's good to make that sorta acknowledgement sometimes. :) Doors always open when they are most needed. :)

Castaway J
11/02/12 12:34:16AM @castaway-j:

just posting this is long over due acknowledgment. hmm we'll see, i have a feeling something will present itself and open some doors.

Heather it would be great to finally chill with someone from this site! ill do that, you do the same if you make it to vegas for some party or fest :)

11/02/12 12:11:51AM @heather3:

You should hit me up if you end up in Arizona. :)

Star Gryphon
11/02/12 12:07:33AM @star-gryphon:

I feel the itch....
Although I've also gotten very attached to a bunch of my physical items...

One day you'll have to listen if it keeps coming up.
Just saying

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