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By Casey3, 2014-09-03

for a month and a half i've treated my daughter 4 xs for lice with RID, vinegar, alcohol... lathered with conditioner. comb comb comb comb. treated her again today after finding 1 adult and a couple eggs again today. I' found a knit in my roots up front when i treated her the first time and vinegar/grocery bagged my hair. couple days later did the same thing. after she came back with them again I just soaked my roots all i could with RID too. then 5 days later vinegar/grocery bag again. All this time also using a mix of essential oils that are supposed to keep them away on both our heads. right now i've a mix of vinegar/rubbing alcohol on my hair for 30 minutes and it's burning so bad after 5 i'm questioning my sanity. I've all our couch pillows/most blankets/stuffed animals in bags in garage until this all disappears. vaccuuming. changing pillow cases every day and bottom sheets. we both may end up bald after this. I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!! Tonight I will bag my hair up and put a hair dryer to it until it makes me scream for mercy. I want to keep my dreads. I don't want to cut, it takes too long to comb out I cannot do it by myself and have no one to help. If anyone is reading this please send waves/prayers of death to the lice. Thank you.

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