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Cameron Zion


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Forever Loving Jah, A Father Misunderstood, Hope this helps someone out there

user image 2011-07-22
By: Cameron Zion
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I am currently in the transition from an apartment to a home in the woods and lately have run across many people in my life who despise god, the Bible and religion. It is not a topic I seek out and it has been a recurring theme in my life as of late. I am a man of faith who has always held on to the hope of a better life even when my life was in ruins. After almost losing my arm due to an abscess from shooting heroin after my mothers life was almost taken while being sexually assaulted in my own bed, made homeless after being blamed by my father for not being home to protect her. Having a methamphetamine induced heart attack, totaling my car (DUI), losing a child, going weeks without eating due to poverty, blowing a 4.0 while walking home, and being diagnosed with a crippling and severe case of Fibromyalgia, being denied all medical help and a definition of catch 22 at the age of 22. I work for money to pay for medication so that I can work. I have never lost faith that Jah would bring my life out of the darkness and heal my soul. The thing is, is that the Bible never promises material things, only leads you to peace of mind and offers lessons that if you learn from can save you from some pain. Instead of praying for a new TV, pray that you will learn to be able to live without want. I am Rastafari and do not subscribe to religion. They are made by man and yes have been used to control people in the past and often in the present. The Bible was written by men guided by the hand of Jah following the positive inner voice within. But Christianity and Judaism were created after the Bible was written. The book should not be compared to the people's of those two religions. Not that they are "bad", but only follow Jah's voice. You know within yourself what is right and what is wrong. The lord is my shepherd, men and women will never be god's. Every man and woman was once a child unaware of their mortality. Just as you must follow a guide in the back country in order to survive you must follow the knowledge in your heart to achieve bliss and repel anguish. The devil has made himself very apparent in my life, and I never believed in evil when I was younger and that was a terrible mistake. However by not losing faith in the future and faith in the positive energy we all feel at times, my life is starting to come together and I have felt joy I didn't know existed. Choosing to convince yourself that something doesn't exist does not make it go away. Just as choosing to believe I am healthy will only lead me to defeat on a daily basis. You have to acknowledge the truth and side with the positive. The Bible was not written to control man but to allow man to obtain ownership of his soul. Lead away from vices and from sin (negative energy). I hope people can learn that hate, violence and lies only hurt yourself in the end. Do not deceive yourself, we can all feel truth in our hearts. I don't want anything but happiness for all my brothers and sisters I am blessed to share this life with. Jah Bless- Cameron Sean (by man I am referring to mankind, and the writing style of the Bible. We all know women made this world, for none of us would be breathing free air if it wasn't for our mothers. I and I are one energy, one heart, one love, one destiny. Jah Rastafari!)

Panterra Caraway
08/26/11 06:38:41PM @panterra-caraway:

Very well put my friend <3

07/22/11 06:43:58PM @exalthimx7:

'] like this lots...thanks for posting and God Bless your journey

Cora Walborn
07/22/11 06:40:20PM @cora-walborn:

Sorrowful story and yet so beautiful. Bless you and your light!

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