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Brandi Leigh


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user image 2013-01-01
By: Brandi Leigh
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I was very busy with the holidays ( everyone goes on vacation but me at work ) but I made it to the other side.

It's a brand new year that I began with a delicious veggie stew and slathering on some of my favorite scents. I'm staying positive and I know that this year is gonna be awesome, I can feel it in my bones.

I'm also looking forward to catching up with the nicest community on the net :)

Happy Holidays yall!

Alyssa Metzger
01/01/13 09:28:48PM @alyssa-metzger:
I worked the last two days too. I was the only one in my dept today...

01/01/13 08:40:10AM @gingerrose:
Haha... Maybe this one will post "back at'cha" is what I wrote!

01/01/13 08:39:19AM @gingerrose:
Back at'cha :)

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