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where can I buy Dr. Bronners

user image 2012-05-01
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HiI live in the U.K and want some Dr. Bronners. My sister is currenlty on holiday in Kissimmee, Florida on holiday and is gonna bring some back if she can find it. Currently she hasn't been able to find any. She says she has checked wallmart. What is it sold as ? body wash, shampoo etc. She is coming home is a few days so I need help quick :) thanks

05/02/12 12:28:59PM @nogawar:

I don't remember if Kissimmee has Kroger supermarket's or not, but most any grocery store will have it. It's usually with organic products or on the cleaning products aisle. Good luck!

05/01/12 06:51:05PM @bones2:

thank u very much, will get my sista to check them out

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/01/12 04:14:00PM @soaring-eagle:

skip walmart try anywhere els walgreens but its sold in uk too

its sold as a general puropse soap

its availiable all over the workld uk too

tho uks water might make it not work well

look in health food sti=ores better super markets or herb shops

target in us has it trader joes etc

walmarts not gonna have anything worthwhile for dreads

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