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where can I buy Dr. Bronners

By BONES2, 2012-05-01

HiI live in the U.K and want some Dr. Bronners. My sister is currenlty on holiday in Kissimmee, Florida on holiday and is gonna bring some back if she can find it. Currently she hasn't been able to find any. She says she has checked wallmart. What is it sold as ? body wash, shampoo etc. She is coming home is a few days so I need help quick :) thanks

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why has this discussion dissapeared to and why???? I have the links to it in my my hotmail inbox but when I click on it and it takes me to dreadlockssite it tells me page cannot be found!!! Somebody pls enlighten me as I don't understand why this is happening. All I can assume is that it has been deleted :(
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crazy dread maintanence

By BONES2, 2011-06-08
Man I can't believe what some people will do to maintain/destroy thier dreads. I'm really opened minded about dreadin methods but this is extreme haha. click the link to see for yourselfs
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4 month timeline

By BONES2, 2011-06-03
Here are my 1st pics of my short, straight thick hair after 4 months of doing pretty much nothing other than washing with B.S, sleeping on a wollen pillow and spraying with sea salt every few days. As you can see my hair is short so progress is slow. Any comments or advice welcome
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