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4 month timeline

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Here are my 1st pics of my short, straight thick hair after 4 months of doing pretty much nothing other than washing with B.S, sleeping on a wollen pillow and spraying with sea salt every few days. As you can see my hair is short so progress is slow. Any comments or advice welcome
06/03/11 08:21:06PM @bones2:
@fancyAmanda yeah it would be a crime to destroy my progress just to crochet. If it come to it I really don't think I could bring myself to undo all the progress I've made.

06/03/11 11:38:30AM @bones2:

Most of the sections on the side of my head are actually already knotted baby dreads, its a bit clearer in 2nd and 3rd pic but still got along way to go.

@rastaneil I have considered back combing and crochetin them, I have crocheted 2 at the front for experimental purposes. Mmmm what to do? I do like the naural look when grown from short hair but its gonna be at least another year till their lookin good and I've seen some good crocheted 1's.

06/03/11 10:41:32AM @rastaniel:
idk if your hair is actually dreading but. if i was you i would back comb and get them two strand twisted and do nothing for about another 5 months. juss saying

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