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adviceee!!! please!

04/25/10 08:20:03PM
Alright.So long story short i just got my ears stretched from about a 20 or 18 to a 10.I had my ears pierced when i was 8 months old, and haven't worn earrings in at least 5 years. My holes haven't closed up.So i went to the piercing place by my house today to get them re pierced to start stretching them gradually, but my piercer said that they haven't closed up (which they haven't), so she can just stretch them all the way up to a 2. I was skeptical because i have heard that you need to stretch very gradually etc...She reassured me that it was fine, she herself had tons of very nice/healed facial piercings and the piercing place itself is very ears fucking HURT! they aren't bleeding or anything obviously because she didn't break any skin to pierce them, but fucking a!! OUCH!They are just really red and stingy. I took an ibuprofen and am hoping this will help.I guess i just want some reassurance that my ears aren't fucked. If I stretch them any further, it isn't gonna be for a while (months), even though she said i could probably stretch again in 3-4 weeks.
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