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Ive been having sleeping problems for a while and i'm SO TIRED! but i managed to 'borrow' some beads from work today that coincidently are very similar like the ones i was looking at last night.


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babies feel tighter today

By Betsy, 2012-01-10

the ends of my back combed hair seem to have knotted some what on some of them. i can feel them getting tighter after my last baking soda rinse. colleagues say theyve deffinitly changed since last week. i feel like progress is being made. i just wish i found this site before hand and done them totally naturally.. but regardless hurray for some changes :)

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bit of a un-natty disaster

By Betsy, 2012-01-07

so 2 weeks and 3 days after initial dreading process (back combed combined tnr, bit of background: i have fine european very slightly wavy hair) i have been using the baking soda rinse combied with sea salt and tea tree every few days, aswell as using sea salt spray plus a little lemon juice.. my dreads have somewhat turned it twists (?) i shall post a pic for reference.. i have paint brush ends and feel as though they are un knotting slowly but surely.. this makes me sad. at the back a dread is DEFFINITLY coming apart. any tips would be helpful... im hoping they will knot more on their own accord. any input/advice would be amazing. cheers guys x

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The start

By Betsy, 2011-12-27

Well this is the start of my dread journey, its been 5 days since it began and i am impressed at how the back of my head is knotting at the roots. I have an odd head of hair, the back is of fine - medium thickness but the front is just too damn fine and seems to be loose as a goose. I'm sure perseverance is the key! time will tell..

I have made a shampoo from baking soda, sea salt, a couple of drops of sandal wood and tea tree essential oils. It smells earthy i love it.

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