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Radical Acceptance.

By: bells
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There was a wall of worry, and i ran headlong into it. There i sit, dazed from the impact, blinking up at the looming height, a cliff of my own making in my mind. A breath, and then i begin my ascent. Patience, i tell myself, is all i need, but my hands scrabble for purchase as fears and insecurities tangle my feet under me.

There's some that are unraveling, and more disconcerting, some that aren't. There are some that cause me doubt, and some that simply seem "wrong" to my eyes.

My frustration with the seemingly insurmountable obstacle of my own uncertainty sends me catapulting to the bottom of the wall, shaken. i need to change my approach. i can't go around, it stretches for miles, closing off the horizon. It's set deep, i can't tunnel under. All avenues exhausted, i finally stop searching for a solution. It's okay, wall, i can wait.

This anxiety and unease will cease if i stop worrying about not worrying. Instead of fighting against my fear, i will recognize it for what it is, and allow it to pass me by.

It crumbles before my eyes.

The state of ambiguity - that messy, greasy, mixed-up, confused, and awful situation you're living through right now - is enlightenment itself.
- Brad Warner

Cole Morton
01/24/13 10:29:27PM @cole-morton:

Beautiful!..... A cliff of my own making. I have met several of these...some I have fallen over and some I have conquered but from each I learned.

Noah Meyers
01/18/13 09:08:33PM @noah-meyers:
This sounds like a time in my growth also. In my life it was not to stop worrying, it was to face fears and overcome them. I have found that it is truly about balance. Enjoy your journey. Its the only one you get.( I believe).Peace be the journey

01/17/13 01:45:28PM @bells:

Thanks muchly, J, and i am glad it resonated with someone. Much love to you, too!

Castaway J
01/17/13 12:52:54AM @castaway-j:

wow i read that first paragraph as a Dub came onand played through, Im captivated.

and...WOW this is beautiful thank you :) I recognise the precesses you are going through.

And its good to let that rattle out! dont be afraid too! We all have to let it out its a part of the healing process.

<3 much love to you beautiful soul namaste

01/16/13 01:35:08PM @bells:

Not particularly poetic, no.

Just keeping the stuff from rattling about in the skull piece.

01/16/13 12:30:35PM @totheankles:
So we are feeling a little poetic today, aren't we?

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