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2 months
Just getting started


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/03/11 07:05:18PM @soaring-eagle:

Ben Winter
06/30/11 01:41:50PM @demi-lauren:
hhahhahaa..ok.just slow sis..where are u from?

Danielle Cacioppo
03/31/11 12:28:34PM @jesse-rose:
I don't think u were defensive at all :o) I think you're dreads look amazing no need to wish you started any other way than you did! Everything happens for a reason! (((H*U*G*S)))

Danielle Cacioppo
03/31/11 08:41:21AM @jesse-rose:
It's been great talking to you about this! I really do enjoy hearing other peoples opinions in such a kind respectful way. I hope you don't feel like I'm trying to convince you of anything or change your mind about anything, I truly feel as though we all need to make our own choices and those choices can be as unique as the individual :o) I did separate mine really often in the beginning and I didn't wear them up at all besides putting on a tam. My first set of dreads when I was 16 had to be cut because I wore them up 24/7 and they formed really weird, I basically couldn't wear them down due to keeping them in a high ponytail for a year, they were separated into dreads but when I tried to wear them down it was really uncomfortable since they formed pulled back the roots just wanted to stay that way, it's kinda hard to explain, sorry :o) Many Blessings

03/29/11 04:25:24PM @landon-hall:
Yea ,It smelt so strong it gave me a headache ,but I used body splash

Danielle Cacioppo
03/29/11 01:25:00PM @jesse-rose:
I think we all just need to stop looking at it as so black and white, good and bad, right and wrong. Everybody should do what they want I guess, I do happen to think in your BF's case it was probably because of the hard hat and not the fact that he chose to go neglect, but not everybody is into just leaving their hair to do what it wants in the beginning and that's ok. With neglect you can absolutely control the size and sections of your dreads, I have with both my sets, it just takes a lil early separating. I don't think the method itself was to blame for their demise ;o) although neglect is not for everyone, whatever makes ya happy & feels right for the individual is what matters, what's right for one may not necessarily be right for another, to each their own I always say! Much Love

03/29/11 07:34:40AM @landon-hall:
Yea it did use it ,it smells

Danielle Cacioppo
03/24/11 08:43:44AM @jesse-rose:
no he doesn't wear a hard had usually, but he wears those heavy duty respirators , he's a painter, he usually wears an old tam to keep the paint out, a hard hat could definitly have caused problems, especially on that long of a day! Too much compression maybe?? I dunno, I don't think it was the method though, probably could have happened with any starter method too unfortunately :o) Many Blessings

King Carter
03/02/11 09:24:07AM @shawn-cyr:
hi are you chic pea well it going really good lots of knots and new dreads starting to form im trying to just separate the big dreads to turn into congos a few ones would be cool though :)

02/25/11 01:34:53PM @juraj-petrik:
:) travel dude!! Do it while you're young and especially before you're tied down with too much responsibility. I'm thinking about doing a short trip somewhere someday (haha) but gotta plan it all around how much time it would take me away from my son. Really shoulda done it when I was much younger. Oh well, least I can pass my advice on to him when he's ready to do the same! I hear you about partners. Space is good, but you gotta find that balance. You could end up with too much!It's Tr's birthday today, turning 8. I'm laying here at 4.30am waiting for him to come wake me up. He was so excited last night, even I couldn't get to sleep :PWell, hope you have a rad weekend, stay safe :)

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