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Tara C
07/06/12 03:14:34PM @tara-c:

I'm good thanks, got a new puppy a few days ago :) so I'm very happy/busy/tired. Ah, I was going to say, they're the most quickly-progressing dreads I've ever seen. Even so, it's great progress. I know what you mean about separating, mine have slowed down so much I hardly ever do it, so when I do, I just find it too tiring. Congos are cool anyway. My journey's going great, I'm at 11 months today, and to be honest I've forgotten about them for a while, which makes the progress so much more exciting. I unfortunately was taken in by the sites about wax and whatever, so I backcombed them and used wax the first time. Found this site 12 or so hours later, got the wax out and let them do their own thing :)

07/03/12 01:24:01AM @valrie:

Hi there Beijaflor! Thanks for the friends add. :)

Your locks are coming along great!! I hope you have a beautiful day.

Tara C
06/29/12 01:54:39PM @tara-c:

Hi, how are you? Thanks for the friend request :) did you use any method to start off your dreads or are they completely natural? They're making amazing progress already!

Baba Fats
06/25/12 08:11:33AM @baba-fats:

Gotcha. I'll admit, I haven't tried coconut oil, yet, but From what I've heard it conditions too much. But if it works better for you than the other, go for it. Everyone'slocks are a bit different.

Baba Fats
06/21/12 08:07:08AM @baba-fats:

Welcome. The coconut oil is ok if that's all you have, but Jojoba is a better alternative. That or aloe straight from the plant.

Trina Sandress
06/21/12 01:37:38AM @trina-sandress:

Thank you for the friend request! I hope you are enjoying your dready journey each step of the way!

Brightest Blessings,

Trina :)

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