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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/19/11 11:54:15AM @soaring-eagle:

Charles Ti Mega
03/18/11 06:16:40PM @niels:
lolI am cool! thankyou!:)

Charles Ti Mega
01/29/11 02:09:24PM @niels:
My scalp is better since the shitlocks are gone. I am eating healthier, so I hope that will help my hair.

Sam Savage
01/22/11 06:31:33PM @the-dreaded-vegan:
your dreads are just beautiful

Charles Ti Mega
01/15/11 10:32:12PM @niels:
lol! I'm cool, finally! I can't believe these people did this shit to me! Thanks girl for helping a sis out! :)Trust me, I wanted to kick their asses so hard that it would have taken a crane to pull my foot outta their asses! I was wondering why my scalp was so scratchy. I trusted these bitches to take care of my hair and they took my $$$ and took my locks! Never again is what I say. I am so done with beauticians, lockticians, etc!! My hair was passed my shoulders!!!!!!! It will grow again because I am still taking good care of it. It will be a looooonng time for my get to my shoulders again. I am just glad it is finally over!!

Charles Ti Mega
01/13/11 06:09:41PM @niels:
Lockticians fucked my shit up. I found out I was allergic to beeswax. I had to chop off my hair!;( I am megapissed off because the hair stylists lied to me bigtime. At least my scalp feels better.

Zack BatGang Smith
01/13/11 02:53:39PM @jared-beacom:

Jo Woods
12/18/10 03:36:27PM @lovescompass:
Hey, sis' -- thank you for the compliment on my bun. Hope all is well with you in this holiday season. Here's wishing you a peaceful, happy new year

Bob Davison2
12/18/10 11:15:37AM @brandon-tomaselli:
Well come muy sister , i hope that you enjoy so much muy page .Many greats for you !

Blessed Earth Mama
12/16/10 02:50:17PM @joseph-hazim:

Aye thanks boo. I promise to charish tha friendship. Love ya LOCS. ONE LOVE.

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