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By: Autumn2
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So, I feel kind of depressed right now. I really hope that I am not on a false trail here with the idea of going for these neglect dreads. I mean, many times with many other things I have not been able to follow through. Especially when it comes to patience. But I REALLY want this. So I am going to stick it out for now, even through the rough times. I am going to give everything over to mother nature and just let things run their course.

I am going to drink my hot tea, enjoy not being at work, feel the feeling of my toes in socks without shoes, and enjoy the cooler night temperatures that fall has brought. I am going to cede control of my hair and try to just forget about it for a while. Maybe I will even tape over the mirrors and just let vanity completely go. Isn't that part of the point, after all?

Sigh. There is always so much room for progress. But at the same time, while I realize that, I just want to be in the moment now and enjoy it while it lasts.


Star Gryphon
10/12/12 01:58:52AM @star-gryphon:

patience is such a wonderful lesson. Maybe its one the universe thinks you are ready for by starting you on this journey.

Tara C
10/10/12 12:13:35PM @tara-c:

I got over my impatience by not looking at my hair and not touching it except to separate/wash. I ended up more or less forgetting about them. I'd look at them in a mirror every few months and be happy with the progress because it's easier to see when you look less. If you look everyday, it'll never look different to you. It's only when they've been ignored for a while that you can see all the changes. The impatience/frustration goes away, stick with it :)

10/10/12 03:58:56AM @ixchel:

give it time. weeks, months. some people have slow progress, very few have huge progress in the few days you've been at it. covering up your mirrors would be great if you can. just forget about having hair & just wash it as needed/wanted. don't worry about patience, just acceptance. accept your hair for whatever mess or lack of mess it is, don't fret over knots, they will come eventually, all hair knots given enough time & love & it's totally worth it all. when the knots do sprout & your babies start dreading for real it will be well earned & you will be absolutely thrilled with them. just let go & live your life, don't worry about dreading your hair, they will take care of themselves.

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