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Aurora Borealis


Location: Sterling, AK
Zipcode: 99672
Country: US

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Aurora Borealis

Positive/Negative feeback

I want to hear some stories about...
@Aurora Borealis 12 years ago - Comments: 13
Aurora Borealis

Why did you become a vegetarian?

I would love to hear people's stories...
@Aurora Borealis 12 years ago - Comments: 25
Aurora Borealis


Let's talk about it.
@Aurora Borealis 12 years ago - Comments: 7

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right after rusted root!
me and my dad right after rusted root
Mathias & me with our matching hats!
yin & yang
my baby brother took this (:
there's my little sweetie pie
a good view of the back of my head


Good Energy
07/03/11 12:02:51AM @good-energy:
Lovin you lady!

03/29/11 11:49:15PM @shredthedread:
pleasure to meet you, im JP! i couldnt be better right now, we juss got 2 feet of snow ive been loving every second of it. how are you this beautiful day??

Ras Jahfyah
01/06/11 10:15:12PM @ras-jahfyah:

blessed love!!!! how are you my sista ??

We give thanks for Jah is giving notice that

10/27/10 06:15:25AM @gratefulnick:
Thank you! for all the nice comments on my pictures that made my morning. I like your photos and your dreads are looking awesome. You look really happy and free-spirited in most of your photos, not to forget beautiful.

10/23/10 02:45:58AM @faelwynn:
Not sure! The post office and shipping honestly scares the mess out of me (agoraphobic/social anxiety disorder), which is probably why I don't have my own business started up. You are nowhere near the first person to ask for one of my tams! lol

10/21/10 06:23:03AM @faelwynn:
I make tams for my own personal use, but instead of making them for others, I encourage that people pick up crochet. It's cheap, easy, and is one of the best ways I know to take one's mind off the dreading process!

09/06/10 01:06:36AM @traelon:
Miss Aurora Borealis, where do you go to school in Lincoln?

07/12/10 07:40:53AM @klete:
Thanks for the add sweet sister!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/22/10 05:09:01PM @soaring-eagle:
awesome :)

06/21/10 02:37:06PM @benjah:
heheh, erm i dont know. maybe 9yrs could be 8??? i had my head shaved by friends at a party(not exactly by choice) and started dreading from then, dont know when it was or how long they took to form.It feels like forever though.

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