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Ati Kohunui


Location: Eastern bay of plenty whakatane
Country: NZ


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A question

user image 2010-12-14
By: Ati Kohunui
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Ive a question tu all dreads on here wy du pple insist on making their dreads wen theres only one true way tu get dreads dun and thats the o naturalle way washing now and again without combing eventually they will mat and dread up! Wats all the hurry pple au natural way is the cheapest and most natural way, and it costs nuthng but ur patience ive had mine for a year now dun the natural way with a pillow takes longer but then u get tu see how they are coming along all yu du is f uwant nice tidy wunz seperate them f u want fat wuns leave them there. I tell yu pple lisen tu Soaring eagles knowledge he nose jist look how long his dreads are now all Rastas no the best way is the natural way wun love pple stay irie!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiger Feather
03/23/11 12:46:38PM @tiger-feather:
Instant loc's don't cost you your vanity...? LOL ;) Societies expectations are hard to ignore. It takes personal and spirit strength to allow it to happen naturally... :)

Jessica Le Blanc
01/14/11 06:37:29PM @jessica-le-blanc:

some people just want them for fashion, and they don't have the patience,

they believe that it's the only way to get dreads to use wax and what not

Ati Kohunui
12/14/10 04:10:33PM @ati-kohunui:

sweet bro put ma latest wun up wea im by ma surname sign in ma fotos there the latest wuns bro or the wuns klose up of ma lokz il put sum later wuns up weni get the chance SE thanx bro

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/14/10 03:51:54PM @soaring-eagle:

well we are matbe going to do 2

the 1 will be scripted and no offence but im not sure people would understand your english enough haha so the other 1 would be more just aklot of ppictures and i want yours in that 1

Ati Kohunui
12/14/10 03:46:15PM @ati-kohunui:

Hey thanx soaring eagle algud how wudi be in ur video??

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/14/10 02:43:48PM @soaring-eagle:

i wonder the same thing alot hahaha but that is a good question

btw i want you in the next vid we do

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