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dreadlocks shampoo
Tiger Feather


Location: Mount Vernon, WA
Zipcode: 98274
Country: US


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Amazing bead!!!
Dreadloc Woman
Death of a Goddess
Black Panthers with Woman
Black Panther
Black Panther
Very interesting tribal-face-tattoo
Star Loc's


08/12/11 11:54:21AM @ranasta:

Thank you for your comments he forgives not to have answered you before are very nice

Amelia Nantume Marie Mayer
05/04/11 07:13:31PM @amelia-marie-dreadybear:

Thanks for the add! I love your photos. Also enjoyed the post about Panther totems. See ya around the site!


04/21/11 12:18:57PM @naturalmystkmama:
Hi~ Bellingham here! There are a tone of dreadies up here in our neck of the woods. Many blessings!! :)

Lexz Luv
04/15/11 02:44:42PM @lexz-luv:

HI Tiger! Im lexz!!! I live in tacoma wa!!! WIll u be going to the rainbow gathering in Washington this summer??? I wanna see ur dreads!! POst some pics!!!


Tiger Feather
04/14/11 10:54:38PM @tiger-feather:
How cool is this, found an organic farm that delivers year round locally fresh produce and fruit! Hah! No walking 2 hours to get food (did I sign up? hel yeah! :))

Tiger Feather
04/07/11 06:43:36PM @tiger-feather:
My babies are starting to get 'firm' in the top, front and sides! :D

Trina Sandress
04/06/11 12:36:41PM @trina-sandress:

Thank you for thefriend request.

I am delighted that you can relate to what I have written! I speak from the heart and soul!

Brightest Blessings,


Tiger Feather
04/04/11 05:40:37PM @tiger-feather:
I love reading her blog :)

Tiger Feather
04/03/11 08:46:29PM @tiger-feather:
Sure....some say I expose myself, I feel revealed....some say I exploit myself yet I feel expressed....some say I'm objectified but I feel admired....and as open as I am makes me the greatest mystery...I am manifestation of feminine essence in physical form.

04/03/11 04:19:25PM @maxe:
I love all the pics you have gathered.

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