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Aspin Crowder


Location: Piqua, OH
Zipcode: 45356
Country: US


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What I Got

What I Got

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6 years ago - Comments: 0
True Affection (HD)

True Affection (HD)

6 years ago - Comments: 0
Bow Wow Wow [High Quality]

Bow Wow Wow [High Quality]

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Riley Napalm
08/07/12 12:28:11AM @haazinumusic:
I was at McDonald's today and someone said they liked my dreads and that they knew someone named aspen with dreads. I forget what her name was now. Haha.

Riley Napalm
05/15/12 09:34:29PM @haazinumusic:

i know! how random is that! such a small world! i wonder if we know any of the same people...

Riley Napalm
05/15/12 08:11:43AM @haazinumusic:

you live ten minutes away from me! =D

David Alger
02/23/12 02:58:11AM @david-alger:

thank u for the friend request :)

01/24/12 05:04:03AM @smokeitjessybear:
Thanks for the add. Good luck with your dreads journey! Blessed be (:

01/19/12 04:58:30PM @sambo:
Hey aspin! Thanx for the add, looks like we both started dreading about the same time, hope yours is an awesome journey :)Peace

Brian Moreira
01/19/12 12:38:54AM @brian-moreira:

hey welcome :D

01/18/12 10:07:12PM @naturelover:

Welcome to the site! And thanks for the add, man. I hope you have a wonderful dread journey! Much love, shalom.

maddie ary
01/18/12 07:33:50AM @maddie-ary:

hey aspin! ily(:

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/17/12 01:42:53PM @soaring-eagle:

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