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Arlequine Mardoll


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3rd week

user image 2012-12-16
By: Arlequine Mardoll
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3rd week, only neglect and BS-ACV washes... Added some pictures...

I'm playing a bit with my essential oils, today's rosmary + lavander + rose smelled really great. Also rinced with cold water to avoid scalp over-drying - I'm not really prone to dandruff or itching but I guess it cannot hurt to take some precautions.

Still not a lot of knots, considering my curly hair I thought I would be much faster to tangle! I even barely have to separate. I have a nice loopy one though which I check every day because she's trying to eat hair from everywhere around my head. I'm pretty much afraid of shrinking but well - with curly hair, it was already shrinking all the time due to the curls anyway !

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