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dreadlocks shampoo
Arlequine Mardoll


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Growing fond of knots

By Arlequine Mardoll, 2013-01-22

Here I am, approximately two months after I stopped combing my hair. My baby dreads are progressing quite well, the majority of my strands are at least knotted at the end and well defined. Three or four folded onto themselves, resulting in shrinking and massive knotting, a process I first considered with some apprehension.
But now, I must admit those have become my favorite. I like their density, the feeling under my fingers, how they're shorter than their less developed sisters. I feel like wrapping them, decorating them, like to celebrate their rebirth. While looking at my hair today, I suddenly realised how weird untangle, fluffy hair would seem to me now. How heart breaking it would be to disentangle all those babies. Almost... what? unnatural, yes. A bit sad too... depriving them of the personality they are slowly gaining. I don't know how long this state of mind will last, but right now, I feel like there is no way I ever regret dreading :)

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Home-made shampoo !

By Arlequine Mardoll, 2013-01-17

Some weeks ago I thought I would try and make my own dread shampoo, as I already knew how to make soap. Never did a shampoo before and heard so much good of those from dreadlocksshampoo so I had a look at the ingredients the lady uses. After other research on different blogs I know, I came up with a trial formula... and here it is now, usable after the necessary drying time !

I used beer, coconut oil, castor oil and olive oil, white clay and essential oils. Well, the smell is pretty bad (should never have mixed lavender, rosemary and... patchouli ! yuk !) but the soap is working really fine. I hope I can come up with a nicer scent next time... and little by little improve the formula... Thanksfully the scent doesn't linger in my hair at all !

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3rd week

By Arlequine Mardoll, 2012-12-16

3rd week, only neglect and BS-ACV washes... Added some pictures...

I'm playing a bit with my essential oils, today's rosmary + lavander + rose smelled really great. Also rinced with cold water to avoid scalp over-drying - I'm not really prone to dandruff or itching but I guess it cannot hurt to take some precautions.

Still not a lot of knots, considering my curly hair I thought I would be much faster to tangle! I even barely have to separate. I have a nice loopy one though which I check every day because she's trying to eat hair from everywhere around my head. I'm pretty much afraid of shrinking but well - with curly hair, it was already shrinking all the time due to the curls anyway !

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