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Andrew Harder


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got a dream for the summer and kept my dreads

By Andrew Harder, 2010-06-10
So I know awhile back when I joined this site I posted my intro saying that I was worried I might need to cut my dreads to get the job I was trying to get well a lot of you showed concern and support telling me not to cut them. I sure havent haha. My dreads are growing in great, getting tons of cool lil loops and unique quirks to each and every one of them.Well I interviewed for my job almost two months ago now and I didnt hear back from them for several weeks. I had applied as an EMT for a private summer snowboard camp and I was not certified in that state at the time. I completed all the steps I needed to to take the national registry test, took that and passed my first try! I got home from school and received an email telling me that I did not get the job. I was a little bummed but not too surprised because Id been made aware they receive roughly 5-7 THOUSAND applications per summer for around 100 staff positions. so I just moved on and began working on my parents new house at home and just enjoying life.Well there was a big snowboard contest coming up in Portland and I talked to a few friends of mine who had qualified and my buddy and I decided we would drive down there for the weekend together. I had other friends coming from PA, CO, ID, WA, CA and more (like I said, its a pretty big contest). Well corey and I slept the first night in my civic up in Government Camp at the base of Mt. Hood. Well that just so happens to be where the camp Id applied at is. We got up and went to a lil coffee shop there and chilled for awhile since we didnt need to be in Portland for at least six hours and we didnt have anywhere to go there. I decided I would go by the camp office, put my head in the door, introduce myself, shake some hands and get a face-to-face hoping that would help me get a job there possibly next year. Little did I know what the next five minutes would hold.Since it was Friday of Memorial Day weekend the camp directors were not there but I happened to meet a lady there who had only stopped in briefly(if Id come by an hour later or any other time in the next four days, the entire camp would have been desolate). She told me, Youre not going to believe this but one of our EMT staff just bailed on us and we need another one! I couldnt believe my ears! Well a long story short I couldnt get a hold of the camp directors for the next four days. They were camping and had no service I found out later. I rode on the mt Sunday and then met people and camped out and partied for the next few days looking for other jobs in the area. Tuesday morning I finally talked to the guys in charge and they told me well actually, we are not for sure hiring another EMT, but we might. Call me in two days. So on that note I drove home to Idaho and started working for my dad again. I called them back Thursday and I got the job! I drove back down here three days later.Im currently going through staff training week and getting all the medical supplies organized ect. Every day I realize more so how great I have it here. For one thing the camp buys a season pass for each of their staff. These passes cost $865 for the summer. On top of that as part of the medical staff I get a pass to cut lines. Only a handful of people on the whole mountain get this privilege. I also get paid more than double what a lot of the staff do(I still dont get a lot but its a very expensive operation to run). I share a house with one guy and have a room to myself. Many veteran staff have to share a room with 1-3 people. 8 diggers live in one giant room! Everyone loves being here and wouldnt trade it for anything. I just feel so blessed to be given this opportunity to provide care, share knowledge, and create a fun environment for kids snowboarding all summer. My dreads were not a problem at all and they are just doing their thing and continuing to change and grow. Every moment we are so busy preparing for camp. I'm always trying to offer to help out with whatever i can and try to keep making a good, hardworking impression. Im bursting with excitement to see what the next few months hold.
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not just about dreads

By Andrew Harder, 2010-05-03
i'm stoked for so many things right now. spring for starters. i love winter and everything that goes with it but a change of scenery is always nice too. i'm not glad it's finals week but on the other hand that means i get to go home to the beautiful land of North Idaho in a matter of days. today my brother and i went out longboarding for a bit when we needed a break from studying. i have been rooming with him this year and that has been interesting since we haven't shared a room in 7 years. such a great sensation to arc and slash turns across the smooth asphalt with your dreads whipping back and forth. i love the feeling of leaning into every turn, flowing with a rhythm created as you go. i just needed a little bit of outside time doing something. anything!it's wonderful to be physically active again after my injury. i broke my back almost two months ago. i think the downtime recovering from an injury is worse than the physical pain itself sometimes. i still have to take it slow and try not to get too wild for a few months according to the "doctors orders". he's a pretty laid back ortho and i plan to try to follow his advice. no sense in taking unnecessary risks. on the plus side, it's been almost two weeks since i have had any hydrocodone! i wake up sore and by evening i'm pretty achy but i feel like i'm having fewer REALLY BAD DAYS. i don't really sleep good still but things are getting better. i'm just thankful to be on the mend so i can start doing the things i love again.i really like how my dreads are forming. they're a lil different everyday. it seems like i catch myself playing with them all the time, its just fun to touch them. i'll be outside most of the summer so perhaps that will add some "character" to the end of the week i'll know whether or not i will be working at mt hood this summer. i won't be disappointed if i don't get it, i'm mostly just anxious waiting to find out. if i end up spending my summer snowboarding on the glacier so be it, but i wouldn't mind roaming around the Bitteroot Mountains or the Selkirks i call home either. regardless i expect the next few months to hold great memories to be made with friends, family, and nature. i need a break from school. a break from the state of nebraska.i'm just really happy to be switching things up a bit. i'm pleased with the direction my life is going. content with what i see. there is alot i'm unsure about. that's scary but at the same time i want my path to be flexible. thinking outloud is so much better than studying right now. plus i cant sleep. i look forward to sleeping in my new hammock. ah, the vagueness of the future is perhaps what excites me the most. goodnight.
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