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Amber J


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5 months old :)

By Amber J, 2011-04-13

Things my dreads have taught me thus far...everything will not always go as planned and thats ok,be patient it will pay off in the end, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, its not all about the final result rather it isthe journey that counts...

I adore my dreads, and although they are still young the journey so far has been a good one. Today a girl from my class who was asking around if she should dread her hair responded to my advice by saying "Thanks, but i wont be dreading my hair the way YOU are." Apparently letting my hair have a life of its own is a bad thing in her eyes, after my initial backcombing session to section off my hair I have let them dread naturally, and i took her comment as a compliment, even though I know it was otherwise intended. However, despite othersopinions and after dealing with comments such as "Oh where did your dreads go?" or " You took your dreads out??" or even "Do you wash your hair?" during their loosening frizzy faze especiallyI finally look like i have dreads not just puffy hair :) Overall,these dreads have really taught me not to worry about what other people think of me, a fact which is justreinforced when your gaylol. Anywaysss happy 5 months to my dreads! <3

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