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Amber-Dawn Andersen


Location: Tomahawk, WI
Zipcode: 54487
Country: US


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Amber-Dawn Andersen

What 'cha know 'bout that NEW WORLD ORDER???

Just curious as to how you all see...
@Amber-Dawn Andersen 8 years ago - Comments: 3

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6 months
about 5 months
5 months
7 months old
new lil' baby dread...ooohhhh:)
4 months in
4 months in
4 months in
4 months in
the Christmas parade here in Tomahawk, WI
my buddy Hawthorn
my girls all together, that doesn't happen often anymore


Lonnie Berg
04/07/10 11:34:47PM @lonnie-berg:
Been doin good sweetie, and you? We musta both been writing at the same time. LOL

Lonnie Berg
04/07/10 11:30:30PM @lonnie-berg:
Luvn' the new pics, looking good mama. the tat's awsome. Much Love....namaste'

Eddie Ballesteros
01/27/10 11:44:22AM @eddie-ballesteros:
for sure for sure.....peace n light

Lonnie Berg
01/26/10 11:34:21AM @lonnie-berg:
You have a great day also Sweet One, Much Love......

Lonnie Berg
01/21/10 03:36:33PM @lonnie-berg:
I seen you have a profile on Rainbow Family online, I'll be putting one up later today hopefully, would you be my first friend? Much Love to You and Yours

Lonnie Berg
12/31/09 12:01:48AM @lonnie-berg:
Luvn' Huugggzzzz and Happy New Year to ya mama, namaste'

Amber-Dawn Andersen
12/30/09 01:24:21AM @amber-dawn-andersen:
Tomahawk is about 30 miles north of Wausau, not sure exactly where Eau Claire is in regards to here, but I have heard of it.

Dirty Momma Funk
12/28/09 11:11:03AM @dirty-momma-funk:
Thank you for your kind words! I am honored! :-)

Lonnie Berg
12/26/09 11:09:22AM @lonnie-berg:
Luvn' the new pix momma, Sweet!

12/26/09 08:36:23AM @gratefulnick:
Thank you for the add happy holidays!

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