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Alicia Burnit


Location: Lincoln, NE
Zipcode: 68506
Country: US


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Kindness and Compliments

By Alicia Burnit, 2010-09-03
The first set of dreads I had I was never fully comfortable with. I knew that dreads were for me, but I felt alienated every time I went out in public. I always felt as though people were looking and judging me.This second time around though, I am older and feel comfortable with myself and who I am. I have only had my locks for two and a half weeks and have gotten at least three compliments already! It's always nice to feel accepted instead of alienated. My first compliment was from a man from Turkey and the last two were from two African American men. None from any women yet, I wonder if there's a reason behind that. These are all in person compliments I guess, not via internet. Anywho, it's awesome!I love my dreads!
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First Month Thoughts

By Alicia Burnit, 2010-08-27
If you read this, be forewarned, it's random and all over the place.It has been about three weeks since I backcombed all of my hair. I layered small on top and larger on the bottom. I used lockpeppa and a dread comb, and nothing else. I could have gone without the lockpeppa, but it did seem to make my hair more "grippy."Anyways, this is my second set of dreadlocks and I feel better prepared for them this time around. I am at a better place in my life and more accepting of things around me. The first few days I found myself palmrolling them constantly, but then I was informed that it was unnecessary. So, now I have just been washing them every two to three days alternating between, the knottyboy bar soap, Dr. Bronners, and baking soda, acv rinses.After stopping the palmrolling and just general messing with my hair I am feeling much more accepting of myself. Some of my locks in the back are very messy, but I don't care. I don't have to look at the back of my head. I am loving every bit of my dreads this time around. There is something so zen about accepting your hair and all of it's flaws.My last set of dreads were chopped off and combed out because I had just gotten divorced and needed a drastic hair change. My marriage was a sad and torturous relationship. My dreads were constantly dyed and palmrolled, and loose hairs pulled in with the "dreadlock tool" and there was waxed gunked into them the first month or two. :( I was busy making my life's mistakes so that I could learn though.Here I am with my new locks. I don't like that the back seems mostly undreaded or that my hair looks thin to me at the moment, they are beautiful as is. I have begun pursuing my dreams of teaching yoga and next will be building an "earthship." It feels amazing. I am going to the Bahamas in a few months to become a certified yoga teacher. My mind, body, and dreads cannot wait for this experience!Okay, ramble done.Namaste.
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