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Ali Rush


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its time to dread >.<

user image 2012-02-23
By: Ali Rush
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hey ,

iv always wanted dreads, and now, thanks to someencouragementfrom somefriends, seems like as good a time as any >.<

i haveshoulderlength REALLY curly hair, and wasattemptingto do the "neglect" method by washing it every 3 days and just letting it go .... but alas , then i just get one giant mess so from what iv read im guessing this is where the "ripping" comes in :)

... last brushed on the 20th Febuary :)

Ali Rush
02/24/12 12:34:32AM @ali-rush:

thanx for the tips, i spent 4 hours on here after joining last night reading blogs and stuff... so much info :)

thats what i thought after reading last night ... and after reading it , it makes perfect sense :)

thanx again :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/23/12 06:44:41PM @soaring-eagle:

yea itr will dresad like crazy and u will have to seoperate or rip often cause it will dread sio fast

keep on top of it it will get less nesacary after a few months

but at 1st u will have to alot

prediction 1st s=dread in a week

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