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Alexandro Colon


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Live close to the ocean??

By Alexandro Colon, 2013-07-11

Just wanted people to post pics if they are usually at the beach or just in the ocean - wanna see a dreading difference from people that usually go in the ocean alot , thanks!

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RASTAFARIAN DUO (shuttlelife) music video

By Alexandro Colon, 2013-06-12

thought all my fellow dreadies would def. enjoy this music video of a duo called "shuttle life" coming out of the depths of Miami,florida - #hovermode

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Only using sea salt spray every few days - threw a couple beads on that i made some break but i just let it ride out - what do you guys thing? i started with twist n rip n they came undone within the first week now im just going natural as i spritually develop

so just about 4 months now no combing - wash with vickis locking shampoo which i love now. now living in key west and going to be doing alot of diving - loving the journey so far....

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By Alexandro Colon, 2012-09-16

i just purchased some for the first time and i was wondering if you have a section of hair knotting up and slip the beat in will it help that section of hair lock up quicker? and do you just slip em in?

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Washing Hair - baby locks

By Alexandro Colon, 2012-09-15

So my original hair is very thin and soft - i started out by twist and ripping last week , i took off the rubber bands two days ago and decided to go natural. i have a bunch of knots everywhere and a bunch of dreads starting to form..Just wanted know what was the best way 2 wash my hair and how many times i should be washing it - just a little scared stuff will start coming undone - i have theneutrogena residue free shampoo...just looking for a few tips and pointers

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