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Sea Salt

user image 2012-04-02
By: Alejandro
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Can you over use se salt your dreads and damage your hair?
Tied up in knots
04/02/12 10:15:37PM @tied-up-in-knots:
Yes. Salt is very drying. I crispified my hair with it a little while back and had to do some intense conditioning to make it feel better. My hair still isn't 100% yet.And I only did a few applications of sea salt.As a general rule you should just let your hair meet sea salt in natural ways. Like swimming in the ocean. How often do you figure the average person swims in the ocean?Not everyone ends up with fried hair but is it really worth the risk? Once your hair is damaged there's not much you can do to undamage it. It's dead. It's not going to get any less dead.

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