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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Nutley, NJ
Zipcode: 07110
Country: US


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7 months!

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Michell Rodriguez
05/01/12 01:12:03AM @michell-rodriguez:

they look so good!!!! you and I going through the same stage hahaha. but my bottom hair wont dread... neither wont my ends. But im so glad your progress has been amazing

Dreaded Shredder
04/20/12 03:06:34AM @dreaded-shredder:

Great vid! Not boring at all :)

Sam Newton
04/13/12 06:10:30PM @sam-newton:

Your dreads are awesome Aika!! I cant wait to have hair as long as yours. great video :D miss you!

04/11/12 01:30:22PM @treeofdread:

Your hair is awesome! they look freeform to me not tnr.

04/11/12 12:54:03PM @aika:

ahhhhh thank you guys! i miss you both so much! <33333

04/11/12 08:16:49AM @foxpaw:

HA I love the ending. You were not boring i thought you were fun, and your super pretty [: But your hair is so long and your locks look so good!! I love the craziness of them, the one you pick up @ 1:34 is my fav

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